Avira management Console

Avira management Console abbreviates as AMC is extra enhancement software which helps the user to have control over the Avira security software. The tool enables the administrator to have remote management over the wide network through a central cockpit. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; any of these operating system can support Avira management Console. Moderate amount of space is consumed by this application in the system drive in which it is to be installed.

All processes can be monitored as well as controlled by the help of Avira management Console. This management console improvises on the reaction given to the malware attacks. This tool also increases the flexibility. Moreover there is a considerable decrease in the cost of operation. It also helps the user to comply with the various directives designed by the corporates.

The improved version of Avira management Console supports Avira Professional Security also. The rollout of various Avira software packages is decentralized and can now be configured by the user directly from the AUM server. There is an improved export and import of the configurations as per demanded by the client. There are also group assignments available from Avira management Console by using the AMC agent parameters.

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