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AVG AntiVirus is the latest free antivirus installment by AVG Technologies. Up to the moment, this version is the best that has been developed and users that want protection for free will definitely enjoy the software. The installation package is much more lightweight than it was in the past, almost two thirds of its size being shoved off to give the user the best experience. Also, the classic AVG installation screen that features only five screens is back, providing an even more user friendly appearance.

The new installment of the antivirus keeps up the pace and users running the latest OS versions will definitely enjoy the fact that the design department has done its job. Thus, the interface is almost perfectly optimized for the latest Windows operating system. Another good thing that users will experience is the fact that the software does not require a reboot of the computer, as it happened in the past with the previous versions. The antivirus shield of the tool can be customized in order to be approximately aggressive when new files are downloaded or installed onto the computer. There are also white lists available that provide exceptions from scanning and special rules of unblocking applications.

The antivirus is more lightweight than others when it comes to resource usage, making it suited for low end computers. The application is surely a must have for the users that want a good solution to their protection needs and now, even the non-paid version of the antivirus benefits from full support, with a dedicated telephone line for those that are located in the US and an Android application is also available, again, for no costs at all

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