AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2012

Available as a free software application; AVG AntiVirus, as is evident from its name, is a software utility that is intended to help users secure their systems and their valuable data from malicious applications. With this tool, you will be able to implement a security system that scans your files and detects any anomalies or suspicious data by using its smart scan feature. It is also integrated with an innovative file reputation technique that helps to speed-up the scan process. This technique looks for files based on the order in which they were saved in your disks or drives, rather than their directory structure. This tool has been designed and developed by AVG and can be implemented in Windows based systems such as Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.

The tool is easy to install and set-up and comes with a clean and intuitive interface, which makes it user-friendly. The tool has distributed its security functionalities into three levels. It has a core level that includes your system, firewalls, browsers, email, and identity. The second level relates to performance optimization, backup services, and parental controls. And the third or last level relates to additional services and add-ons that can enhance the security implementations for your system. There are separate buttons to execute scans as well as to update virus definitions, making your tasks simpler and more efficient. The tool also offers options to prioritize specific file or drive scans and to schedule scans to ensure optimal usage of system resources.

This tool has been designed to ensure that its scans do not unnecessarily eat into your system’s resources or functioning capacity. It claims to offer one of the fastest system scans when compared to other contemporary software applications. Some of the other prominent features offered by the latest version of this utility include shields for chat links, implementation of Wi-Fi guards for internet connections that are open, and a scanner for checking files that are received through IM applications. It also ensures additional security by checking all ports instead of just port 80.

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