Avant Browser

Despite the browser market might seem split between the giants, there are still smaller browsers such as Avant Browser that prove they can handle various tasks with ease. The mentioned application manages to provide interesting features that people will certainly enjoy. The interface is not much different from that of other browsers, but as the standard has been set, it is up to each developer to bring fine tweaks, and this tool manages to give its users easy access to a few options using a number of buttons that have been placed in the upper area of the interface. The search bar is a little bit smaller, but this is not an issue at all.

With only two mouse clicks, users can change their search engine and they can explore multiple results provided in parallel by each of the supported engines. There are no hidden ads or malware in the browser, despite the fact that the product is offered for free. Users can also benefit a lot from the multi-processing feature. This allows users to continue browsing if one tab crashes and when a lot of tasks have to be solved in a short amount of time, this feature is extremely welcomed.

CPU usage is maintained to low values because of the multi-processing technology and this way, multiple tasks can be achieved at the same time while not overloading the processor or the RAM memory. The browser does not keeps a history of visited web pages or searched terms and it also prevents websites from installing tracking cookies. This way, the privacy of users is ensured. Advertisements may be annoying sometimes, especially if one needs to keep focused on a task. Because of this, the browser features a built-in app that blocks every ad or pop-up that might appear when browsing a website.



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