Autorun Angel

Autorun Angel happens to be a decent and useful tool for your Windows. Its main function is to look into Windows and go thorough its start up programs for files that are likely to be unnecessary. It carries out its processes promptly. Autorun Angel when tested on a personal computer gave a fine performance by identifying files around 277 in number that required checking. The unknown files identified were around 8 in number.

For performing this particular operation you just need to select and click the Scan option. Once you start the scan, every file is verified and checked taking a white-list, which is on NictaTech’s Anti-Virus Cloud Engine, under consideration. Every single file, which is recognized as good, is removed. And the files that are found to be unknown are made to stay behind. This whole checking and identifying operation by Autorun Angel takes place in hardly few seconds. The button saying, Send unknown for analysis, can be clicked in case this tool is not identifying any element. This will let the authors receive the executable. In next few days anything that’s secure might get white-listed.

This program, doesn’t offer you any feature to remove files. In simple words it detects secured and known files for you to check them out. It’s you who decides whether to keep or erase the files. Autorun Angel goes with platforms mainly Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.



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