Automatic Call Recorder

A popular and useful Android app, Automatic Call Recorder is made to allow recording any phone call you wish. The application lets you select which phone calls to save and set what calls get recorded and what to ignore. Use it to listen the recording, embed notes and share. An impressive and useful feature is the integration with dropbox and Google Drive that makes it possible saving and synchronizing with the cloud. All the recorded calls get stored in the folder inbox and one can change the folder to even an external SD card. You can also set the size of the inbox though the number of saved items in unlimited. If at all you feel a conversation is important, you can choose to save it and it gets stored in the folder Saved Calls.

The program also gives you the option to activate a Call Summary menu that comes with options that appear instantly after a call. It also lets you search for any recording by phone number, note or contact. For automatic recording, it offers three different default settings – Record Everything setting records all the calls except those pre-selected contacts for ignoring, Ignore Everything records no calls except those calls pre-selected for recording, Ignore Contacts setting records all calls with people not in contacts apart from those pre-selected for recording.

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