Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is an application designed to help users who want to work with certain three dimensional objects. The specific ones are OBJ files and they can hold in a lot of information related to such an object. There are various parameters which can be added and edited and all of these tasks can be performed with the aid of this utility.

Autodesk Maya has an interface which is full with various toolbars that allow users to find all of the tools that might be needed. An OBJ file can be opened and edited within the app or a new one can be created. With the aid of the app, multiple polygons can be edited and meshes can be created. These can be exported as stand-alone objects or they can be used in the current project. Polygons can be meshed and textures can be added over the element.

There are also optimization tools build within Autodesk Maya and they can be used in order to reduce or increase the number of polygons to create a faster loading or a better looking 3D model, for example. There is the possibility to create multiple layers within an OBJ file and export them separately for use.



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