Auto Power-on Shut-down

Auto Power-on Shut-down is an application that can provide a few powerful tools which allow users to take control of the basic actions of their computer. Shutting down the PC can be manually achieved but scheduling such a task is more difficult through the OS itself. On the other hand, users might want to turn on their computer at a certain point during the day and this app can do it for them.

Auto Power-on Shut-down has a simple interface which contains a few buttons and a list. The list is empty upon installing the tool as that is where users have to add their newly created tasks. About 15 different actions are available in the task creation screen and users can select one or more of them, if they are not conflicting.

Auto Power-on Shut-down allows users to shut down, restart or turn on their computer, but applications can be also ran and links can be opened with the aid of the default browser. These tasks can be set up to be activated only once but users can also choose to repeat them daily or at other time intervals. A countdown timer can also be shown on the screen if the user needs to set up one.



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