Auto FTP Manager

Auto FTP Manager is a dominant FTP client which supports FTP as well as FTP/SSL. It can be used for the purpose of website publication and that too with maintenance which includes uploading, downloading files as well as backing up partial and complete servers.

With file transmission with the help of Auto FTP Manager the tasks require a smaller amount time and energy. Scheduled file transfers help the users to accomplish the file transfer process mechanically daily, weekly, and monthly or any other customized interval according to the user. Backing up a server on a regular basis, or synchronization of FTP files and folders makes it sure that all the users are always updated with the latest documents and files. The schedules run in the background as a separate service, thus consuming lesser memory and CPU, and this helps in backing up files even when the program is not running.

The users can seamlessly share and backup any kind of helpful information. The acquainted drag-and-drop user interface helps in using the software in an easier way. The software allows backing up and synchronizing files with a number of servers at the same time. The software is a perfect one for sharing all kinds of files over the internet through an FTP server and the software has support for 32 bit as well as 64 bit Windows platforms.



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