ATF cleaner

ATF Cleaner is a PC utility that is mainly used to remove all the temporary files from a system. The temporary files that get created after a sequence of processes have been executed in the system. These files are totally unwanted and excess of these files lead to the slowing down of a system. Hence these files need to be scanned for and deleted after regular intervals, so as to maintain and optimize the system, so that it can give its best performance. Hence ATF Cleaner is a good option for fulfilling this need.

The major features of ATF Cleaner include the cleaning of all the temporary folders of the user, as is the main function of this software. However this feature can only be accessed by the administrator. Another important feature is the cleaning of the Java cache. The Java cache memory usually contains lots of malware that need to be cleaned on regular basis for keeping the computer safe.

The browser memories also can be deleted using ATF Cleaner. The browser cache memory, history, cookies, visited links and saved passwords all constitute the browser memory. The application is absolutely compatible with Windows XP and is highly suggested for users who are in search of a perfect Optimization and maintenance tool for their systems.



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