AstroGrav is a great application that users can install within seconds and afterwards, they can use it in order to study the effects of gravity on different objects. Of course, gravity can be seen in action when dropping an object onto the floor but the tool does not work this way. Instead, it can provide different simulations of how planets and other celestial objects react to different amounts of gravity.

AstroGrav can be used as a study tool so people can learn about gravity models in the universe. Because of this, the utility has been packed with a number of different models that contain the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and other planets and stars. However, the app is not just limited to those, as users can quickly build their own models based on different parameters they assign to a body.

AstroGrav can load up such a model and afterwards, users can start working with it. They can allow it to be played so that the gravity can be seen in action, whether it is about a satellite orbiting a planet or two suns orbiting each other. The parameters of the objects can be changed in real time to see how this affects the model.

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