Ashampoo Magical Defrag

Defragmentation is the process which removes fragments within a hard disk that is formed by repeated deleting, writing, moving, copying on a Hard Drive. This can cause the computer to become slow because the hard disk becomes tough to access and thus one must defragment the hard disk to get the lost glory of a computer. Ashampoo Magical Defrag is a software that helps in defragmenting a hard disk with a lot of options.

One key feature of this software is that it helps in routinely defragging the hard disk even if the user forgets to defragment the hard disk in the midst of acute pressure. The software also automatically pauses the defrag process if the user starts some heavy job, and the process will be resumed as soon as the computer goes to idle mode. The user can even pause the process manually and start them later when the user likes to. Small colorful blocks are displayed to show the empty portions or those parts which are yet to be defragmented or already done. A statistic summary is also available that displays the number of files or file clusters has been moved.

The software has a colorful and user friendly Windows that makes the software very popular. The software also helps in defragmenting on all the versions of Windows.



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