Armagetron Advanced

If you have played the game of Tron, and watched the movie as well, then Armagetron Advanced will appeal to your gaming senses immensely. This game revolves around the ‘Light Cycles’ premise and this leads to the game being very challenging and entertaining for fans of the arcade games genre. The game play of Armagetron Advanced is simple enough to understand and grasp, but to truly master it you will have to spend some quality time playing the game and perfecting it. The multiplayer supports 16 players at a time and this guarantees unlimited fun for all.

As you get your Light Cycles to run about the place, you create a trail of walls in your path, and the goal of the game is that you want the artificial intelligence in the game to crash into one of these walls, so that you do not end up crashing into them. You can choose the direction in which you want your cycle to travel, and then accordingly create the walls for your enemies to crash into. The challenges are many in Armagetron Advanced, and this will keep things lively and interesting in the game.

The physics of the game is very good, and the game play is fair, not resulting in untimely death or crashes. You will be on your toes trying to avoid your enemies in the game and this is what makes Armagetron Advanced such a heart racing game. the graphics and animation in the game are reminiscent of the movie and game of Tron and you will have a nostalgic feel when playing the game. the best part about the game is the online community that offer you a large array of clans that you can be a part of and also tournaments that you get to join when playing Armagetron Advanced.



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