ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker offers simple yet sophisticated options to transform the photographs taken to beautiful panoramas without compromising quality the software is equipped with unique features that make the software worth using than any other software of the same category.

On starting the program, users can get information on how to shoot the best photographs, camera settings and other similar settings. On the next page users will get a tree view of the computer’s file system that includes all hard drives, USB flash Drives, Network Drives and other connected devices. From that page, the user can select the pictures which will be transformed to a panorama. That’s it. Now the panorama is ready on the next step. The unique thing about the software is that after the panorama is created, one will fail to understand that it is a panorama, as the output is free from stitch marks on the photo. Though in many cases, due to human error, the output cannot be up to the expectation, there the user can make slight changes to get the desired output.

There are some additional options also where the user can adjust the brightness and contrast of the pictures. The easy yet powerful software is also supported on all the versions of Windows.



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