Anvi Ultimate Defrag

As far as a storage device is concerned, creating and deleting files take place every day which can fragment the hard disk and can make the computer run extremely slow if there is a huge level of fragmentations. Removing these fragmentations and the cross links is necessary to get back the lost performance of a computer. In order to defragment a hard disk, a software is necessary and Anvi Ultimate Defrag provides a number of useful options.

The software has four main options provided on the start screen which include “Repair”, “Clean”, “Defrag”, and “Optimizer”. With the help of Repair, it repairs the file system errors if any, Clean helps in cleaning the system which mainly consists of junk files, temp files and other similar things. Defrag, the chief thing about the software, helps in defragging the available drives so that the files get consolidated, and there are minimum crosslinks to make the computer a swift one. Once this process gets completed, the user will notice a huge change in computer performance. Optimizer helps in making the computer fast like stopping unwanted programs and services.

The software is designed with a graphical user interface with blocks to display the level and positions of fragmentation. The software works on all available Windows operating systems.



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