Anvi Rescue Disk

The security of the computer system is something invaluable to each user. It is difficult for a user to depend on a single-layered security system in these days of advanced web-crimes. Therefore, having a secondary virus detection system at hand is always wise and advisable. Anvi Rescue Disk is the most appropriate software for such a purpose, a program upon which every user can absolutely rely.

When a primary virus checking has failed, this efficient software enters the arena. It spots meticulously those bugs which managed to stick to the computer system, gets the system rid of them, repairs it and get it to run smoothly within no time. Running the software involves a little complexity. First, the user has to burn the ISO file containing the software into a CD, DVD using his disk burner software or he can take it on a USB drive. The next step is to stop the computer and restarting it with the disk or the USB drive inserted. The software boots directly from the external drive, loads quickly and starts the job of detecting malware promptly.

The scanning process that Anvi Rescue Disk uses is cloud-based. Therefore, in order to receive the latest virus definitions from the cloud server it is compulsory for it to have access to internet. Its other tools like Gparted and Test Disk work to fix other file-related problems. Although the program is Linux-based it sports a polished Windows-like interface and does not have any glitch to work on other Operating Systems.

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