Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic for PC is yet another great game from the famous franchise. The game teams up intense graphics with a very well designed gameplay and you can have the fun of your life with Chuck, Red, Bomb and others. There are weapons which have been included in the game, along with magic, silly hats and bad guys. And in this game, the level ups include upgrading armour, getting new weapons and also gain potions to help you along the game. Many actual weapons have been included in the game, which include frying pans, wooden swords, and even sticks with sponges on top of them.

The levels have been designed to take place in a variety of settings, such as inside caves, on beaches, tribal villages and some even in frosty mountains. The game comes with direct links to all major social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. There are direct links to the internet as well, and the game comes with ads for Rovio and Angry Birds merchandise.



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