AMP Font viewer

AMP Font viewer is programming software that is related to Fonts. There is numerous numbers of Fonts in Windows. This tool installs and uninstalls these fonts, and organizes them into suitable category after sampling them. The best part of the program is that it is compatible with almost all the features of Windows.

AMP Font viewer is light and easy to use. For users who are not able to understand the features can go through the guide provided with the program for instructions and information. The interface is properly designed to manage the installed and uninstalled fonts separately and accordingly. There is a file menu that pops up. This is used in the editing, formatting, viewing and optioning and many more. Next to it is a file menu that shows the functions of Italics, bold, underline, size and etc.

The display shows the details of the Font that is selected. The uninstalled Fonts are downloaded and the program installs the Fonts permanently. This application is useful in viewing and downloading Fonts and also removing the non required ones. The software is easy and simple to use by the user in viewing and sampling of the Fonts. AMP Font Viewer program is compatible in the operating system of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.



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