AML Registry Cleaner

AML Registry Cleaner is an application that is primarily a Registry cleaner tool, just as its name says, but it also brings together a few other functions that make it even more useful. Users can start by allowing the app to scan the Registry for errors. Within seconds, a list that contains all of the broken keys will be displayed and users will be able to remove them. This is done only after a system restore point is created, so that reverting to previous settings is available.

After scanning the system, users can allow AML Registry Cleaner to fix all of the errors. This usually takes seconds to complete but it can take longer if too many keys are in the need of being removed. Afterwards, users can move on and apply other tweaks to the system, if they need to. Thus, they can clear the list of programs that start along with the system and make the OS boot faster. On the other hand, they can also add other apps in that list.

A disk cleaner feature is also provided within AML Registry Cleaner so that users can quickly clean their disks. Temporary internet and local files can be removed and it is recommended to do so, as they are the ones that take up most of the space on an OS disk.

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