American History Lux

American History Lux takes you right into the very heart of the historical wars that have been fought by America. In the game you will be playing the part of a war hero who is in command of the various armies and will take them to the French and Indian War, the Vietnam War, World War 1 and 2, the Iraq war, and also 5 other wars that have been very important in the history of America. American History Lux is a game that is derived from the famous war game called Risk. However, you will not have to struggle to find yourself an opponent as American History Lux comes with very good artificial intelligence.

There are maps related to each war that you have to fight, and if you want more information on the wars then there are links to Wikipedia that will help you out. Each of the maps will show you the positioning of the soldiers. The best part of American History Lux is that the game is very realistic and that is why the positioning of the soldiers is very similar to the actual war. You can also add new armies to your existing ones, and initiate the number of attacks that you think is right.

There are four difficulty settings in each war and you can choose the one you are most comfortable to play the game. the main aim is to conquer all the territories that you are battling in. once this happens victory is yours. The artificial intelligence in American History Lux is exceptional and this makes the game quite tough and challenging to play. you will learn to make strategies of your own and even kids will enjoy the game as it will prove to be a fun and entertaining take on American history and it will prove to be a learning curve for them.



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