Amberlight For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - Free Full Download


Creating art work in a computer is not new. If a user is looking for some advanced painting software then one can easily go for Amberlight. Many upgraded technology has introduced in digital art with Amberlight. It is basically a bitmap graphics editor for digital painting. This tool is very much user friendly. Anyone with any level of art knowledge can use it without facing any difficulties.

Amberlight is designed as naturalistic as possible. This program consists of 20 painting tools that come with a variety of settings and presets allowing one to create unique drawings. This includes varying thickness and textures of media and painting, the skill to mix media and an accurate colour blending option as well as the standard digital RGB blending. Along with the natural painting tools like pencil, oil paint, spray paint, acrylic and others Amberlight provides Rulers, Stencils, Tracing and Reference Images, Paint Symmetry, and custom brushes for adding special effects to the drawing.

Amberlight can import some Photoshop filters. It only supports ttf, which it reads from computer’s font folder. This software consists of Layers-Transparent overlays that let one of their canvases without damaging the paint beneath. Every Layer can have its own blend mode that can easily generate shading effects.



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