Allway Sync

If you are looking for a feature rich sync software program for your computer, Allway Sync would indeed be of help. This software is capable of operating in different computer environments. Its unique feature set is highly useful for the effective synchronization. You can use Allway Sync for basic backups to an external hard drive, hard drive partition, USB flash drive or DVD disc.

The most important attraction of Allway Sync is its rich tools. This software application has a very friendly user-interface. But you must have a good idea about the software to take full advantage of its rich feature set. You can use Allway Sync to coordinate your projects, update your files using an external drive or simply to work on your network at home. You can provide access to all the users on a network simply by installing this software on the machines and make a shared folder and provide access to all.

You will truly love the failsafe mechanism of Allway Sync. The best thing about Allway Sync is its simplicity. Even if you are new to it, you would still be able to perform the basic backups and advanced sync processes without much trouble. Its affordable price is another reason for its popularity in the world of sync softwares. All this makes it a perfect choice for all your sync requirements.



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