All Video Splitter

All Video Splitter is an application that allows users to split video files in order to use them in various ways. The utility can be used in order to crop videos at various lengths so that they can be used either on YouTube or on CDs, for example. The interface of the app is designed as simple as possible so that users can access all of the options within moments.

As videos are added in All Video Splitter, they will be displayed in the queue and there are various parameters which also appear in the columns, such as the size, the resolution and the length of the video in cause. Multiple videos can be added in the queue in order to be converted and users have the possibility to change the settings for each one at a time. However, the same options can be selected for all of the videos.

From the option in the lower area of the screen in All Video Splitter, users can choose the length of each video file they want created. The tool will automatically calculate the number of splits that have to be created according to the time length chosen. File conversion can also be applied between multiple formats.



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