AirNav Live Flight Tracker

If someone is wondering that whether it is possible to track flights in real-time, then he or she must use AirNav Live Flight Tracker tool. This application is undoubtedly one of the most powerful flight tracking software programs ever. It just needs an internet connection to work with. A person can track any flights or any airport movements in real time with the help of this application.

Just a few mouse clicks will do all these for the user. The user needs to move the mouse over a map and by doing so, several data related to the flights, such as – flight number, origin of travel, destination of travel, altitude, aircraft, speed of the flight, heading, time elapsed as well as remaining time of travelling of the flight. Moreover, the user can also get detailed airspace and airport oriented information.

AirNav Live Flight Tracker offers runway layout of each individual airport. The graphical quality of the interface of this software is wonderful. It comes with the option of multi-window tracking. It also offers photos of those airports which have already been tracked by the user. The application works exceedingly fast and tracking a flight, especially – USA and Canada flight, is extremely simple with it.



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