Aimersoft DPG Converter

Aimersoft DPG Converter is a powerful DPG converter that can easily create the needed files for users who want such a video file. It might not seem too popular, but DPG is actually the standard format used by Nintendo DS consoles to playback video and there is the need of a third party application in order to create such a video.

Aimersoft DPG Converter allows users to import videos in all kinds of formats and all of them will be converted with ease. The queue appears in a big list on the main screen and users can easily add more videos to it, either by manually browsing to each one or by dragging and dropping them into the list. The check box in the list view allows users to select what videos they want converted at one moment.

Aimersoft DPG Converter has various changeable options for users and they can edit both video and audio parameters. The audio track of movie files can also be exported on its own as an MP3 file. As a lot of videos can be added into the conversion queue, users can also set up different tasks that can be performed after the conversion is done, so that the computer can be put to sleep or shut down.



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