AI RoboForm

AI RoboForm is a user friendly password manager that can be easily installed and further managed by users. There are various tasks that can be achieved with the aid of the stand-alone utility but users can better benefit from the app if they also install its browser extension. This one is compatible with all of the major browsers available on the market and it does not affect the resource usage.

Firstly, AI RoboForm needs a profile and users can do this within seconds. They can choose their own master password in order to keep all of the other login credentials stored in a secure database. Then, they can work with the tool and create multiple categories to have everything organized. The toolbar that appears in the browser will occasionally prompt the user to automatically fill in login fields, but it can also complete the whole process by itself.

AI RoboForm can also integrate with USB KeyChain in order to keep the database secure even when traveling. A secondary database can be created and it can be found in the Contacts menu. Here, users can store all kinds of text messages and other info that needs to be protected from other viewers.

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