Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a powerful utility that makes the standard Windows uninstaller feature obsolete, because it really manages to remove unwanted applications from an operating system. Usually, certain apps are not properly uninstalled and they can leave a lot of files behind. Some other programs cannot be uninstalled at all, and this is a really annoying event. However, with the aid of a small and freeware tool like the current one, users can easily get rid of unwanted software apps that are installed on their computer.

This uninstaller is pretty reliable, because it allows users to uninstall applications using only one click, and this feature is perfect. It not only uninstalls a tool, but also provides information regarding any event that prevented the uninstall process to happen. This tool does not only uninstall the programs from one’s computer, but it also provides a clean-up of the registry, in order to ensure that no traces of the application remain in order to slow down the PC. The interface is designed in a rather simple manner and the main buttons are intuitive, for an easy use.

There are other tweaking tools included in the app and they can be used in order to optimize the system. A registry cleaner is available and full scans are available within seconds. Moreover, there are useful tools for browsers in order to remove various cookies that have been placed on the computer. Duplicate files are also something that should not bother a user anymore, because the app can easily scan the system for such files and if the user wants to, he can get rid of them with just one mouse click. The start-up manager provides information about the programs that are launched when the PC starts and they can be removed from this list in order to ensure a faster system boot.



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