Advanced Task Manager

Windows is a multi-tasking operating system. Being a multi-tasking one, a number of processes run for using the computer smoothly, also a few other background programs also run, about which the user may not be informed. Some are system process which may be trusted, and a few programs run which may not be trusted and can make the computer slow. For those users who don’t know the difference between the two, Advanced Task Manager will do the work for them.

The software scans for the process that runs on a Windows operating system and also display the hidden ones which may not be displayed by Windows Task Manager. Against each process displayed by the program, a small security info displays how harmful the program can be, or other information which includes, if the program connects to the internet, record keystrokes etc. if the user sees one of the programs with a high danger rating, user can immediately stop that or quarantine and even uninstall that item. One can even boost the system startup by removing unimportant items from the startup or even see the network usage, CPU, GPU usage of the computer too.

All these collectively make the software a full-fledged task managing software. The software also runs smoothly on all the versions of Windows including server editions.



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