Advanced Installer Enterprise

Advanced Installer Enterprise is an application that is intended to be used by people who create software programs and want to build installers for them. This is the main element of an app, as it allows users to take the files into a certain location in an organized manner. There are multiple tasks which can be achieved with the aid of the app and all of these features are packed within a simple interface.

First of all, users have to define a few simple parameters, such as the name, the version of the program and other fields they might want to add. Afterwards, they can start choosing the files they want added into the installation file. There are two options, one of them being to add all of the needed files within the executable itself. There is also the option to create an installer that works along with files that are added within the same location, such as is the case of a CD or a DVD.

Advanced Installer Enterprise is able to create installer files for both 32 and 64 bit systems. Patches can be built within just a few clicks when users have to update their application, as long as they have the original project file. Autorun features are also available for discs that contain installers.



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