Adobe Photoshop Extended

Adobe Photoshop Extended is a quality kit that allows users, both amateur and professionals, to edit or even create images in order to use them in various projects that range from wallpapers to company logos. The interface of the application has been constantly redesigned in order to provide its users the maximum amount of utility. There are a lot of toolbars that can be added onto the interface and the standard one will be present in the left area of the screen. Others are found in the right area, while the least used ones can be opened through the View tab.

The installation of the application is simple, with no weird offers that free counterparts offer. Adobe also provides a lot of quality tools inside Photoshop and there are a lot of filters and effects that can be used in order to create various artworks. Probably the greatest function that users will discover in the application is the Automatic Lens Correction tool. If in the past, people had to manually correct lens deformities that appeared in a photo, now the process has become automated and the user only has to input the amount of correction he wants to apply or he can allow the tool to do the job.

High Dynamic Range capabilities are now better as there is no need of merging multiple images with various exposure values. Everything has become an easy process, with a few sliders that allow users to define various settings in order to create the perfect HDR image. Conent Aware Fill is another unique addition in the tool and this allows the application to replace different parts of a picture, which might be as small as moles or as large as cable lines and telephone poles. The software app provides a lot of quality content, overall.



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