Ad – Aware Personal Security

This software is all you need to have surf the internet without any worries be it while social networking or performing online transactions. It has a super-fast and extremely efficient anti – virus and anti – spyware protection system. It protects users not just from virus and malware but also from online scams and phishing attacks. This means now you can confidently shop online or perform online banking.

Vipre powers the anti – virus engine of this solid anti – virus software. Most kinds of threats that you can face regularly while surfing the internet can be detected and stopped if you have this software installed on your system. The most useful feature of this software is that when you are web surfing, it automatically detects corrupt URLs. The bad or infected URLs are immediately blocked and your system saved from impending danger. It has a fantastic streamlined toolbar that is quite useful. The user interface of this software is simple and intuitive of the user’s needs.

It has three sections horizontally; the top part has options like Options, Info and Home. The second part has a big icon for protection status; it also has links that will allow you more options for protection. The rest of the user interface has options that will give you added protection with tools like safe browsing, gaming mode and a firewall. It has a multi – threaded user interface and all the important are on the main screen. The user can easily toggle between the Advanced and the basic mode.



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