Able RAWer

Able RAWer is an application that works as both a photo viewer and editor and it is quite easy to make use of all of its features. The tool is designed to work with RAW images and this is useful as third party apps are required in order to work with such images in Windows. The tool has a rather simple interface and its main element is the photo viewer screen.

Able RAWer allows users not just to open RAW files, but also to access the EXIF data of these images. This way, they can know when the photo was taken and not only. As there are various sub-formats of the main RAW file type, they are also supported by the tool and the app can work with them. However, opening these images might not be enough for some users and there are also some editing tools available.

Able RAWer provides a few editing options to users who need to correct the aspect of a RAW image. There are automatic color correction tools but users can also edit each color channel manually. Blue and red scales are also available for users who want to change the temperature of the image within seconds.



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