Many people are on the lookout for a solid word processor that can make document creation tasks easier and here comes AbiWord to their rescue. It requires a little resource to run and even though it looks like similar to MS-Word, it has got other features worth to mention. One of the biggest benefits is that it has the ability to paste previously copied paragraph formatting onto a highlighted text.

Also, the icons in AbiWord are bigger which in turn it gives better visibility to users. Even though, all general features like saving, opening and creating document are conveniently placed in the taskbar like in MS-Word, some of the icons that cannot be found by default in MS Word like show/hide formatting marks can be found in AbiWord. It can handle different tasks like insertion of date, time and page number in the documents and tables can be handled without any hassle.

This user-friendly software is compatible with MS-Windows 7, 8 and XP. The important feature about this software is its internationalization, which is found to be highly useful. This means that it is available in different languages for the users to get benefited. Spell check can be done in different languages based on the foreign languages installed by users at the time of installation. Due to the simplicity of this software, it can save a lot of time to the user.



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