3D Chop Shop

When someone is looking to design his or her dream motorcycle, then the tool which will help the most is the 3D Chop Shop. The program has a tremendously attractive interface for the users, which possesses a huge rendering of the chopper at the mid of the screen. It has buttons that helps the user to zoom the particular parts of the bike. It helps a person to create high-end customized motorcycles in a fully interactive 3D mode.

This application gives someone the opportunity of working with eight different motorcycle styles that are already in the stock of the software. It also offers more than 300 parts and accessories for the bike. The user can employ any of those parts to create and visualize the bike of his or her dream. It is the ultimate tool for those who dreamt to design a bike of their own.

The 3D Chop Shop includes several other features, like – it offers paint facility. This enables someone to work with different color palettes, flames, gradients, and many such other templates. This software imports custom graphics to wrap around the 3D model for a truly custom paint job. The user can use present camera angles to view to view the bike.



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