1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen Front for PC is a free multiplayer war game for users of android systems. The game emulates 2nd World War battles between Germany and Russia. You can choose to be on the German side or the Russian side. Lead an emboldened German side to the east or defend your country against the invading ruthless German army, it is your choice. It has all the elements of a thrilling battle game including challenging missions, thrilling campaigns and strategy chalking. You may have to shoot mighty bombers, position your artillery unit in rough terrain etc. You may be outnumbered by the enemy, may have to penetrate enemy positions fortified with men and tanks and keep supplying your army with men and ammunition. You will have repair, camouflage and repair units like in real battles. You will have planes, artillery, tanks as well as infantry. Amazing graphics and extremely realistic sound effects makes this a super absorbing war game.

The game can be played in your PC after installing BlueStacks app player. You can access the game through BlueStacks and get absorbed in 1941 Frozen Front for PC.



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