123 DVD Converter

123 DVD Converter is a simple tool that has barely entered the market, but it already proves promising and in the future it might battle with well-known applications that are now in the top positions of the charts. The free version of the tool provides various features that can be used, but there are also certain limits imposed, regarding the length of the video. One can choose to upgrade the application in order to have maximum support for it, but the free feature also works fine, especially for short videos.

The free installment allows people to have an output video of maximum 10 minutes in length and they should be enough in order to see the quality of the process. Some might find the application a bit pricey but considering the fact that it uses an extremely low amount of resources, even in mid-conversion process, it is worth the money if someone needs to work with larger batches of files that can require a larger amount of resources. A reminder about the full version will be constantly displayed but it will not be something too annoying and the user can simply close it and continue with his task.

A large number of video formats are available in the tool and they can be used in order to produce videos for different gadgets, for example. The audio track of DVD movies can also be extracted with ease, in a matter of minutes. The interface of the application focuses on a range of blue shades and the main buttons are found in the upper area of the window, while the left sidebar provides access to various settings. The lower area of the interface allows the user to specify the output folder and also see the progress bar, which will fill pretty fast because of the performance of the tool.



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